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Updawn - Brisbane Diamond Black


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Style: Aviator
Gender: Sunglasses Men, Sunglasses Women
Lens type: Polarized sunglasses with UV400
Color of the lens: Black
Mount: Metal mount with matt
Bag: This model includes a rigid case with magnetized closure and a microfiber cloth to keep your glasses as new for a long time.

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  • Brisbane Diamond Black sunglasses are black aviator-type with polarized lenses and metal frame.

    This characteristic model first appeared in the early 1930s to protect the eyes of aircraft pilots and already included polarized technology. The large size of their crystals made it possible to fully protect the pilots' eyes and make it easier to detect enemy aircraft.

    After World War II, many pilots returned home wearing these characteristic sunglasses with them, and soon began to popularize among the general public. Movie stars also began wearing these sunglasses to protect their eyes when they were not in front of the camera, as well as when they came out of the recordings, which made many of their fans want to wear them as well.

    During the 80's, the popularity of this model returned to a golden age, appearing in many movies due to its military style and "hard type".

    Today women also wear this model of sunglasses, being very present in the fashion world. They return to the new millennium with the return of the retro and classic wave, making them a popular article among teen fashion followers.

    The aviator sunglasses are a model that has lived with us since its appearance, influencing the cinema and fashion continuously. Today it is almost impossible not to cross them on the street and not remember many apparitions in popular culture.

    Famous people who wore this kind of sunglasses:
    Marlon Brando, Héctor Lavoe, José José, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr

    Appearances in Movies:
    Top Gun, starring Tom Cruise, Cobra, starring Sylvester Stallone

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